Dr. Florence Akano, Ph.D

President & CEO

Dr. Florence Akano is a multifaceted professional and humanitarian with a diverse and impactful career that spans various fields. Her commitment to education, leadership, service, and philanthropy has made her a respected figure in academic and humanitarian circles.

Dr. Florence is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member specializing in coaching, mentoring, and leadership training. Her leadership skills have inspired countless individuals to reach their full potential. She holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) and is a board-certified health coach by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Her dedication to health and wellness reflects her passion for helping individuals lead healthier lives.

Dr. Akano is the Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Mount Group (CMG), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with special consultative status with the United Nations Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC).

‘’CMG’’ is specialized in education and is building communities and nations one stone at a time for the advancement of social and economic development. “CMG” is rebuilding and transforming lives through love as we equip, encourage, and empower the people in Haiti, Nigeria, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Central Africa and other regions and worldwide. We promote cultural sustainability and a culture of peace.  We provide social and developmental services and stop Illiteracy and Hunger.   As the Founder and CEO of Cornerstone CMG Foundation, Dr. Akano has established College Cornerstone in Haiti to help families send their children to school.   Dr. Akano collaborates with other non-profit to free medical check-ups and maintenance to the community quarterly.

She is the visionary leader behind Florence Akano International Ministries, which is on a mission to educate, train, and support women and youth empowerment in Nigeria, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guyana, and worldwide. Dr. Akano is also the Founder and CEO of Go Blossoms Publishing Company, where she supports authors in sharing their stories and knowledge with the world. As the Founder and CEO of the Florence Akano Foundation, Dr. Akano is an activist, humanitarian, counselor, coach, and advocate. Her work encompasses diverse areas, including investment, finance, leadership, and business development.

In addition, she is a prolific author, sharing her knowledge and insights through her written work. Additionally, Dr. Akano is a freelance journalist contributing articles to various publications. She is a respected reporter for Golfe TV Breaking News and Radio Hosanna, where she continues to inform and inspire through her reporting.

In all, Dr. Florence is a Reverend, a devoted servant, and an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her unwavering faith drives her passion to serve and honor God in all aspects of her life. Dr. Florence Akano’s multifaceted career reflects her steadfast dedication to positively impacting individuals, communities, and societies. Her tireless efforts and boundless passion inspire and uplift those fortunate to cross paths with her.