Florence Akano,

President & CEO

Florence Akano, loves the Lord Jesus Christ and her brethren.  She has a strong passion to serve and she honors God in her actions.  She is a reverend, servant and ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ who edifies, encourages, and helps others to develop themselves by adding values to their lives.  She ministered at various churches in the US, Haiti, and Nigeria.  She utilizes God’s love, grace, and her skills to help people.  Florence is a humanitarian and freelance journalist, a reporter for GolfeTV  in the republic of Benin and Radio Hosanna in Haiti.  Florence is a compassionate writer, a leader, advisor, coach, humanitarian activist, and motivational speaker.  

Rev. Akano is the Founder and CEO of the Cornerstone Foundation in Haiti and the Cornerstone Mount Group “CMG” Inc. in US – a helping hand non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a special consultative status with the United Nations Economic & Social Council ECOSOC.  “CMG” builds communities and nations one stone at a time.  We transform lives with love as we equip and empower women and the youth in our communities and nations.   We promote cultural sustainability and a culture of peace.  We provide spiritual counseling, advocacy, research, and financial assistance for the advancement of education, health, the environment, and the economy.  We provide social and developmental services and stop Illiteracy and Hunger.  Rev. Florence Akano also founded College Cornerstone – De L’eglise De Dieu Independante De Castel-Pere in Haiti.  Our mission is to spread the gospel and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, support women and youth empowerment in Haiti, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Guyana and worldwide to bring hope and basic amenities to those who cannot afford them.  Most importantly, Florence is a servant of God who loves to love!